You call them if you want emotions

You call them if you want emotions

I’m Luca Savino
wedding photographer

Passionate about travel, I find joy in telling stories through my images, capturing the emotions experienced in every moment.
Find out who I am and immerse yourself in the transformation of my passion on a unique journey. Welcome to my world.

unforgettable moment

Life is woven from unique moments, to be savored with intensity. Your most beautiful day is coming and will remain yours forever, in the precious memories of your closest friends and in the shining eyes of mum and dad. Allow me to narrate the magic of that moment through images.
Yes, because it’s about magic.

We chose Luca Savino as our wedding photographer and we couldn’t be more satisfied. Luca and his assistant proved to be extremely professional and discreet, managing to capture exciting moments without being intrusive.
The colors and lights in his photos are simply beautiful, giving a unique atmosphere to each shot.

A very good professional and a very helpful person! We were very satisfied and happy with the choice we made! If you want to make the right choice for your wedding, you must choose Luca as your photographer! Thank you very much for making this day even more special.

I met Luca several years ago for some photo shoots and I couldn’t help but choose him on our wedding day.
Seriousness and professionalism went hand in hand and even after several years these adjectives were reconfirmed.
Luca is special, he is very good and very attentive to detail.

Punctual, precise, friendly, smiling and wonderful photos to say the least! He managed to capture every single moment of the day. An emotion every time we look at them. He will certainly be our photographer on other occasions too.


Being present with discretion, barely interfering, to capture images imbued with spontaneity and naturalness, but above all permeated with authenticity: this is my work philosophy.

Where every moment is transformed
in a never-ending story.

on the most beautiful day

I will accompany you with dedication and attention to detail, transforming your wedding into an extraordinary story to tell, full of authentic emotions and indelible moments. Through my images, I will give life to moments that will transcend time, creating indelible memories that will tell the beauty and intensity of this unique day.