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It all started as a joke after a simple photography course … then it became a personal challenge to understand how the gadget I was just learning about, the reflex, was working. Seeing what I could do, discovering the limits of the machine and what I could conclude were the next steps.

All of a sudden I felt an irrepressible need to express my EMOTIONS through images, but above all I wanted to take pictures of people, TELL STORIES, collect their emotions and make them indelible. What better way than to get closer to the world of Wedding, to be able to write with the light MOMENTS OF LIFE which will remain eternal.


I began to take pictures of my first wedding back in 2011, for some friends of friends. I do rembeber at that time I had one hand broken , but stubborn as Iam I couldn’t give up to that occasion, despite the chalck; still today my first spouses thank me for the pictures taken! This gave me the strenght to keep on going and invest mony and sacrifices in what would have become soon a real job.

I didn’t know what taking pictures in a wedding meant at that time, but slowly I started fall in love with it and specialize in that photography stile. I think the wedding pictures is the best way to tell a story with just simple pictures. Leaving tangible and indelible memories of those moments which will stay forever; a really big responsability!


As almost all photographers, the fist experiments are done with leandscapes pictures; the first sunsets, cities, nights landscapes, I had to experience what I was learing a little later. Still today when I travel I go back being a “landscape photographer” , complete with tripod and various accessories! I am conviced every photographer has to specialize in some fields, to be recognized with his logo in a specific field, so to affirm his own name in a real and proper brand.

Thank to the photography I have overcome my shyness that as always gripped me, and I discovered to have a great empathy with lots of people I had known for a short time. This fact, toghether with the continuous research of feelings made me become a full time wedding photographer and dedicate myself completely to this field.

Photography Training Sessions

I love so much my job, that I don’t even it as for a job, let aside commitment and dedication. I enjoy true contacts with persons and in 2015 the idea… I decided to organize courses in photography, studio shooting, landscapes and photo-editing.

I hold for the next students what really made the difference in my advice. Only in person I can really teach and “convey”.



If you want more information about my next courses, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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