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Welcome and thanks for visiting my website, this is my story

Everything started almost for a joke after one photography training session.

It became immediately a personal challenge in order to understand  what that completely new tool, the reflex, was able to do for me and for you.

Next steps were understanding what I could do, and pushing the limits of the emotional targets.

I started feeling the need to express my emotions through images, and especially to represent people telling stories and catching your emotions

WHICH WAS THEY BEST WAY? Of course the wedding photography, that lets me engrave  through light eternal moments of the life

A true responsibility, would I ever have been able? I struggled for many questions and doubts

I decided to start an autonomous business in 2012 in order to introduce myself as a professional and work correctly and politely

My first clients, my first big satisfactions, my first recognitions…I needed positive feedbacks to go on straight on my way, headstrong even against those critics saying that I would never make it up.

Currently this passion has become my job. I travelled throughout Italy thanks to this passion: yes, it is a real passion that lead me telling to date more than one hundred stories.

When I think that everything started because I wanted to get familiar with my father’s reflex!…

Photography training sessions


I love so much my job, that I don’t even it as for a job, let aside commitment and dedication.

I enjoy true contacts with persons and in 2015 the idea… I decided to organize courses in photography, studio shooting, landscapes and photo-editing.

If you want more information about my next courses, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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