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 Engagement photo reportage in Rovinj Croatia

Leyla + Stefano

We go towards Rovinj in a sunny May afternoon…during the one-and-half hour journey I start getting to know the future spouses….they tell me every detail of their marriage and I ask many questions as so to not to leave anything to the chance…obviously I want to know any detail and all the queries of the spouses 🙂

As always I’m very curious and I ask them all the details about their story, how, they met and so on. J This couple is perfectly balanced, Leyla’s  spontaneity and laughs balance the seriousness of Stefano, who is deemed to be one of the sweetest man in the world 🙂

Leaving aside the jokes (ok, I stop doing the psychologist), a funny and easy afternoon, with two nice person, in the middle of the charming small streets in Rovinj. We will see again in July, and this is their short story.