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Wedding dress rehearsal – Qualcosa di Blu Trieste

Daniela’s dress rehearsal

Finally I did it! I have this project in mind for a few time, and thanks to Atelier Qualcosa di Blu (that I thank) I managed to realize it.

I meant to catch the feelings surrounding the bride and her companions in such an important moment.  Look at yourself dressed like this, the seamstress taking the sizes, the mum taking pictures with the phone to share them… a mix of feelings blowing up in the room.

My test spouse 🙂 has been the beautiful Daniela. Although the service has been taken some time ago, only today I can publish it, since she got married and there are no more surprises to reveal.

I wanted to thank Francesca and Cinzia for their willingness and for the patience to have me around in such a sensitive moment. 🙂