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Wedding reportage in Tuscany | Michele & Rachele

I am pretty sure that many of you have heard about him, at least those who are passionate about football: I am talking about Michele Camporese, a former Fiorentina player and now a first string in the Foggia team.

This year I had the honor to be chosen as his official wedding photographer and therefore had the opportunity to meet his beautiful wife, Rachele, and their whole wonderful family.

The wedding was organized paying attention to every single detail, thanks to the precious work of the impeccable Caterina, a wedding planner I have been working with for a few years already.

Villa Grabau, chosen for the couple’s special day, was set up marvelously and impressed all guests, included us. In such a fairy tale venue, bride and groom did really shine in their elegant beauty.

I was there to witness and capture all the emotions of the day, and since Rachele more than once wept for joy I was given many opportunities to translate those emotions in images (I love tears, when they’re tears of joy!).

I hope that somehow this short, condensed reportage will bring back those moments in all their vividness to all those who a

ttended the wedding, but above all to the newlywed couple. May You live those special moments again every time you wish to do so!

Special thanks to the great staff who worked at this event in order to make it unforgettable!


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